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Blog Host: Natalia Tudge

Did someone say potluck?


It’s the holidays, and once again you’ve found yourself in the position of hosting for the entire family. Ask each to bring a dish or beverage to make the event more affordable and insure everyone gets to eat something they enjoy!

Wake Up to Make Up


Stay up to date on your fall makeup style without spending a lot. Use these DIY tips from Natalia Tudge to look your best for less. Also get her take on Organic Wear Makeup a brand that offers a quality alternative to doing it yourself.

Knock Your Socks Off


We welcome the return of Natalia Tudge our Vancouver based thrifty fashion aficionado. In this article she offers tips on the best places online and off for finding Fall Fashions cheap. Also get DIY instructions on how to make your own items out of outdated pieces - reuse, recycle!

5 Green House Cleaners You Can’t Live Without!

Green Cleaning Products

Save money and help the environment by making your own home cleaning products from simple ingredients, mostly found right in your pantry. Natalia Tudge gives us recipes and applications of simple yet very effective timeless DIY cleaning products.

Green How-To Tip: Closet Organization


Step by step guide on how to to tackle the closet from a Thrifty & Green perspective. Rethink your closets to fill them with clothes that flatter you and suit your lifestyle. Most women for example only wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time? That’s reason enough to see what’s hiding back in the depths of your closet. Pair down, sell what you don't need, or donate it to charity!

Making your own Perfumes


Save money and get a better product by making your own all-natural scents at home. Natalia Tudge shows us step-by-step how to get just the scent you want, with the ingredients you want, for less!

Top 10 Thrifty Fashion Tips

Thrift Store

Natalia Tudge shares her secrets to finding great looking clothes and accessories (some from designers) without going broke. She offers tips and advice as well as real sources for the best shopping finds. Check back each week for Natalia's Urban Thrift insights and advice.