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How to Stay Happy During the Holidays

Do the holidays bring you happiness and gratitude or misery and anxiety?

"Happiness is an inside job" (says a postcard by Dr. Nedd above my desk).

His recipe to become a happier person:

The 7-Minute Workout for Busy Schedules

Do you have an extra seven minutes in your day? Yeah, me neither. Being home with the girls, I am amazed at how quickly my days go! Try as I may to have some semblance of a schedule, between pumping, feeding myself and K-Bear, cleaning, laundry, blogging and running errands, the hours get away from me.

Becoming A Good Food Role Model

When it comes to food, you, as a parent, are a powerful role model. Here are a few simple ideas to help you model healthy choices around shopping, cooking and eating:

Involve your kids when you shop for groceries

7 Ways to Chill Out & De-Stress

You guys, I hope you can forgive me. Waaaaay back in August of last year I published a guest post at Broccoli Cupcake on 7 Ways to Chill Out & De-Stress. And I never linked to it from here. My deepest apologies and condolences. Truly.

Glow from the Inside Out: Vegan Lifestyle Skincare, Antiaging Products, and Cosmetics

I’ve had a lot of emails and requests to share information about (1) my beauty/skin care tips, and (2) my exercise routine. So, I’m going off the recipe path a little to share 2 posts with you, one about skin care and cosmetics (today!), and another about my exercise routine.

Are you Plant Powered?

As the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle are gaining a great deal of recognition, people are becoming more informed and beginning to make conscious food choices. These types of people (and you may be one of them) are not only aware of their food choices, but also, they are mindful of other products that impact their body and health.

7 Ways To Boost Brainpower Over The Summer Vacation

When schools let out learning stops, right? Wrong. There are plenty of ways to keep your little one’s brainpower growing over the summer. These annual holidays are a great opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. Read on to discover activities you and your kids can do together as ways to boost brainpower.