Health & Wellness

Veggie to Vegan: The Rise of the Vegan Lifestyle

More and more people – from Bill Clinton to Beyonce to your neighbor next door – are going vegan … and staying vegan. Many of you are probably wondering why so many “regular” people – not just health freaks and die-hard animal rights activists – are taking on such a seemingly extreme diet?

Go Play Outside

I’m over at The Art of Simple today sharing about how our family plays together. From the post:

This morning we donned our winter wear and hit the mountain for a few hours on skis with our children, ages four and seven. This is a typical day for our family.

Brush Your Body, Not Just Your Hair

Body brushing, also known as dry brushing, sounded like a really weird concept to me when I first heard of it. You mean exfoliate in the shower with a loofah, right? No, actually. Body brushing literally involves taking a body brush (or a dry loofah!) and gently brushing your dry body before you shower.

It sounded pretty creepy to me. Anyone else with me?

5 Top Tips from a Personal Trainer

If you read about my goals for the new year, you know SoulDaddy and I scored a great BOGO offer for a gym. The good news is I was able to get back into a pool to lap swim as well as work up a sweat in my first spin class in a few years.

Exercise for the Busy Mom

Ten years ago I was active. I was an on-again, off-again runner. I snowboarded and then became a skier. I took up cycling.  I swam. Exercise was part of my life. Then I had kids. You know the familiar equation. Kids + husband + work + housework + social activities = no time for mom.

2014: Time to Wake Up and Be Awesome

Happy new year, friends! After a house full of family for a week-and-a-half, things have finally returned to a calmer – though slightly sicker – pace around here. All that memory-making with extended family took a toll on K-Bear who is now fighting a wicked cough and cold.

Facial Tissue Blows

In my house, there are two options for wiping a runny nose: hanky or toilet paper. Guests often choose the latter. People I respect use hankies -- my late grandfather, Harold, and David Suzuki. Will you save trees? Probably. An added bonus: never cleaning up after a facial tissue that goes through the wash!