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Growing Up Green: Making Stone Soup

Published by: Tovah Paglaro August 18, 2011

Making Stone Soup

Join Tovah in her weekly series on T&G, where she shares the challenges and joys of raising a family with sustainable values and practices in mind. This week, get kids excited about vegetables by making Stone Soup. The stones really are magic: super healthy soup magically disappears!

Growing Up Green: Sustainable Lunches 101

Sustainable Lunches

Take a crash course in Sustainable Lunches with Tovah Paglaro of Growing Up Green. The key to success is building true green values, and keeping your kids convinced that they have the best lunch in the class!

Kids' Berry Picking Buckets

Crafty Kids Make Berry Picking Buckets

Wild Berry Picking: Foraging in Nature

Nature provides berries ands it’s the season for foraging. With enough knowledge of the natural world – we can eat mushrooms, roots, plants and flowers that grow wild all around us, even in the city. I’m not that adventurous.

Growing Up Green: 10 Fun Road-Trip Games

Published by: Tovah Paglaro on July 22, 2011

roadtrip fun

Join Tovah Paglaro and Family in their weekly series on T&G, where they share the challenges + joys of raising a sustainable family with green values! This week, 10 fun activities for smooth road trip travel. Road trips are often good Staycations, need not be daunting, and kids don't need to be plugged in. Make the best of your summer travel with these screen-free activities for family fun in the car.