Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green with The Paglaro's

Raising Thrifty and Green Kids


Halloween Gone Green

Shake the cobwebs of halloween's past. Forgo the prepackaged costumes and decorations and turn to the roots of the festival to discover a wealth of opportunity for creative family fun this Halloween season.

Growing Up Green: Perfectly Pink (half) Birthday

Growing Up Green

The Case for Half Birthdays & Pink Cupcakes

10 T&G Activities for Early Fall

As fall settles and the leaves change color, opportunity abounds for outdoor family fun. The mild weather facilitates long hikes and and the falling leaves beg to be collected. The harvest is ready and there are celebrations to be had. Make the most of these fall days with these 10 Thrifty and Green family activities.

Growing Up Green: Fall Gardening

Published by: Tovah Paglaro on September 14, 2011

Fall Family Gardening

As fall approaches, the Paglaro family is busy in the garden feasting on the year's bounty, preserving foods and seeds for the year to come and planting for winter growth. There are plenty of thrifty and green ways that your family can enjoy the harvest season.

Shoreline Garbage Clean Up

Were getting ready for the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up. Picking up litter has actually become a bit of a family staple, so it’s fun to be a part of a group of like-minded trash collectors.