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Growing Up Grateful

Published by: Tovah Paglaro on November 17, 2011

Growing Up Grateful

Expressing gratitude daily helps us focus on the big picture and helps kids grow up appreciating what they have instead of wanting what they don't have. This week the Paglaro family shares their somewhat unconventional take on "grace" and provides inspiration for establishing your own meal time practice of gratitude.

Crafty Kids: Boo! Jelly Jar Lanterns

Published by: Tovah Paglaro on October 22, 2011

Jelly Jar Lanterns

A fun halloween craft activity that also teaches reuse. Paint glass jelly or other jars to create a thrifty, green and spooky window or table lanterns.

Very Own Apple Festival

Stage your own at-home apple festival - complete with all the fixings - and enjoy a fun afternoon of mostly healthy entertainment. Apples. Chocolate. Nuts. Caramel. It's a delicious way to encourage your kids to establish positive relationships with healthy, sustainable food choices.

Growing Up Green: Pumpkin Madness

Published by: Tovah Paglaro on October 22, 2011

pumpkin madness

This week on Growing Up Green, the Paglaro's are going batty for pumpkins as they get ready for Halloween in sustainable style. Carving's a good start, but pumpkins have so much more potential for yummy family treats and fun! Read more and get great tips on what you can do with your pumpkins and kids this Halloween.

10 Thrifty & Green Trick-Or-Treat Solutions

The trick-or-treat tradition is synonymous with Halloween fun. It appeals to the young and young at heart while serving to strengthen our sense of community. Maintain the fun while you green the game with these 10 Thrifty and Green Trick or Treat Solutions.