Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green with The Paglaro's

Raising Thrifty and Green Kids


Seed Ornaments


Create stunning Christmas tree ornaments from beans, seeds and pasta. These thrifty and green decorations top our list for made-it-and-love-it. They are fun craft for any age and make beautiful gifts.

Give the Gift of Giving


Why we give baking and philanthropy to friends and relatives during the holidays. It’s simple, meaningful, very green and a lot of fun.

Chocolate and Gingerbread


For a more wholesome take on traditional gingerbread houses, try substituting melted dark chocolate - instead of icing - to attach treats like nuts, berries, dried fruit and pretzels. The kid-approved result is beautiful, delicious and good for both the body and the earth.

Pinecone Reindeer


These mess-free crafts are as cute as they are simple and fun. Using pine cones you collect on a nature walk extends the activity to include some outdoor time.

Winter Treats for the Birds

Make Bird Treats

Embrace the change in season by making winter treats for birds. The kids will love this easy green activity that teaches patience and compassion, while everyone enjoys the lasting fun of birdwatching. All you need are a few pine cones, some peanut butter and a bag of seed.