Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green with The Paglaro's

Raising Thrifty and Green Kids


Recycled Valentine's Crayons


Why make crayons for Valentines? Because buying punch-out love notes with Disney characters and bad puns seems void of meaning. Plus they are fun, frugal and so cute!

Bottle Depot Family Fun

Kids Retunr Bottles

Returning bottles to the depot is a chore that neither my husband nor I look forward to. Until recently it was merely another to-do that one of us would grudgingly tackle when it could no longer be ignored. No more! The bottles are now the kids responsibility and we are all delighted.

Baking Bread: Growing Up Green


Homemade bread is like therapy for the soul and at a fraction the cost of its store-bought counter part, is a well worth the time and effort. But the Paglaro's are finding it challenging to integrate bread making into daily life. Determined to make 2012 the year for baking bread, Tovah shares her strategies.

Worthy Causes


Not sure who to give to? The possibilities are endless. Truly. There is no shortage of very worthy organizations keen to accept your donation!

Almost Healthy Holiday Cookies

This year bake with Tovah Paglaro of Growing Up Green! Whip up a few dozen of these simple kid-tested, parent-approved, almost-healthy treats and relax over the holidays. Go ahead kids, have another cookie!