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Cast Iron Cooking Revival

Cooking With Cast Iron

Like most modern families, we used to cook with a coated, non-stick, frypan. But every time I took out the skillet, with a little scratch here or there, I questioned the logic of preparing my families meals in a toxic hotbed. As I turned my thoughts towards another replacement, I pictured the fry-pan graveyard amassing in our landfills.  So began our return to the simple, sustainable, healthy world of cast iron cookware.

Smartphone Apps to Shop Green With Confidence

Shop Green Using Your Smartphone

Using smart phones to make smarter purchases means healthier families and more sound environmental choices. It also means that we are better able to use our purchasing power to make safe, healthy, green products a priority for manufacturers. These six free apps empower consumers to confidently buy green.

Valentines Seed Bombs

Valentines Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a fresh sustainable twist to the Valentines tradition of giving flowers. This week on Growing Up Green, the Paglaro family shares the sustainable fun they had molding seed bombs into hearts for a green Valentine.

5 Favorite Pretend Play Activities

Pretend Play Superheroes

We’re big on pretend play here on Growing Up Green. It’s good for children’s brains and helps to develop creative thinking skills. Add to that that make believe is often active, always thrifty and hugely popular with the little folks, and you’ve got yourself a Thrifty and Green recipe for family fun.

Green Tea for a Green Valentine's


This simple, sophisticated, Valentine is sure to appeal to the grown ups in your life, but is easy and fun for the kids to make.