Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green with The Paglaro's

Raising Thrifty and Green Kids


Make a Fairy Garden

Container Fairy Garden

I had no idea when my daughter was born that our family would grow to include not only our lovely little girl, but also all her fairy friends! Isn't it lucky for us that many of these fairies live in the very same garden where mama needs to spend time to grow the food we eat.

Green Birthday Party Perfection

Green Birthday

Spring is birthday season at our house, with our eldest turning seven this year, our little girl turning four and the baby breaking one a few months back. It’s taken a few years to get green birthdays right, but this year was smooth sailing.

Planting A Great Garden For Kids

Kid in the Garden

There are subtle, but important differences between gardening with kids and gardening for kids.

Salad People

Salad Person

Make Fruits and Veggies Fun

Inspiring kids to eat their vegetables seems to be one of those resounding narratives of parenthood.

Three simple steps help:

Rainbow Family Fun

Playdough Rainbow

The jury is still out on Leprechauns and pots of gold, but the magic of rainbows is undeniable. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here are 5 simple and sustainable ways to celebrate rainbows with your kids.