Waste Free Lunches Save You Money


The hefty price tag attached to quality litter-less lunch boxes can cause a knee jerk reaction at back-to-school time. A little bit of simple math provides context and a much needed sense of calm!

How Much Can You Save With Waste Free Lunches?

Plainly, a lot! Not that the exact amount is the point. The point is that doing the best thing for the planet and for your kid's health is cheaper than not, making the choice to go waste-free simple.

Consider the following:

  • An average lunch box lasts 3 years;
  • The waste free box at $35, is double the price of the traditional box;
  • A box of 100 baggies is $5;
  • A set of reusable plastic Tupperware is $12, and needs replacing once over the course of the 200 day school-year. 

Assuming that:

  • The average lunch uses 2 baggies, some tupperware & 1 juice box
  • Each baggie is reused once.

The waste free lunch will save you about $15 the first year and $29 in subsequent years. Add a $20 stainless steel water bottle to the mix, cut out juice boxes and save yourself another $108.

Over the course of three years, that’s almost $400 in saving!

Did you say $400 in Savings?

Yes. Yes, I did!

Favorite Waste Free Lunch Boxes & Accessories:

My go-to lunch maven is Raspberry Kids. They stock the best of the best, make ordering incredibly simple and have awesome customer service! Here are few of my favorites from their store. 

Be sure to use the promo code growingupgreen and let them know we sent you! 

The Goodbyn

I love the Goodbyn. Gone are the days of wrestling with mismatched containers and lids. Lunches are instead packed into a super-cool box that the kids adore. They love the customizable stickers. I love that it's easy to clean, easy to pack, and I can always find the lid! 



The Lunchskins

​The only real challenge we've had with waste-free school lunches, has been recess. My son is unable to forgo play in favor of nourishment and I refuse to send pre-packaged snacks. Lunchskins have proven the perfect solution. The recess snack tucked into a Lunchskin fits perfectly in a Goodbyn compartment. He can run. He can eat. Everyone is happy!


Waste Free Lunch Thermos

A Kid-Approved Thermos or Extra Cool Ice Pack

There is nothing like a hot lunch to keep kids fueled up during the cold of winter or a cold snack for the hot summer. Both are made easy with   Crocodile Creek's line of thermoses, ice packs, lunch boxes and water bottles. These come in a wide range of very cute designs and are all BPA free. 


Stainless Steel LunchBots

These are the very best little lunch boxes for bento goodness. The compartments are just the right size to hold food snugly, so you can delight little lunchers with picture perfect meals. Smaller than many compartmentalized containers, this fits nicely in a lunch sac alongside a Thermos. 


Emily Press Name Labels 

You've shared this great resource with all your kid's classmates and now the class is overrun with waste-free lunch accessories! That's great news. Make sure all your school gear makes it home safe with customizable Emily Press Labels. These lovely little stickers are veritable insurance, guarding your investment from the abyss of the lost-and-found.


You'll also find an awesome selection of water bottles and accessories at Raspberry Kids. Remember to let them know we sent you, using the promo code growingupgreen

The Growing Up Green Store

Our very own Growing Up Green Store offers a curated collection of personal recommendations for waste-free lunch goodness. We've scoured the web to find the best supplies for your green school year - from litterless lunch items to recycled binders - making this a one-stop shop for a more sustainable back-to-school.

Waste Free Lunch Tips

Do you pack a mean litterless lunch? We've shared a few in our Back To School Done Cheap & Green article. Or have you successfully converted your kid's entire class to waste free lunches? Be sure to share your best bits of waste free lunch goodness with the community on our Facebook Page. 


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