Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green with The Paglaro's

Raising Thrifty and Green Kids


Make Advent Meaningful

DIY Advent Calendar 2

Although today the advent tradition is often diminished to excited kids squealing as they pop open cardboard windows to reveal chocolate treats, the advent tradition is rooted in a time of reverence, patience and preparation. 

Homemade Apple Chips

Homemade Apple Chips

Apples are favorite fall food for any seasonal eater.

I suggest bringing home  a dozen varieties from the farmers market, and spending the week working your way through your own apple festival.

Waste Free Lunches Save You Money


The hefty price tag attached to quality litter-less lunch boxes can cause a knee jerk reaction at back-to-school time. A little bit of simple math provides context and a much needed sense of calm!

Back To School Done Cheap & Green


Do a good thing and send your kids back to school in Thrifty and Green style with these 7 tips for an eco-successful school year.

Spectacular Strawberries

Spectacular Strawberries

It doesn't take much to lure kids into the garden - the miracle that is food production seems to do the trick all on it's own - but the fail safe garden staple that brings the kids from all over the neighborhood knocking is the strawberry.