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What Arts and Crafts Can Teach Your Kids

Getting the kids involved in hands on activities can help improve more than just creativity!

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Go Play Outside

I’m over at The Art of Simple today sharing about how our family plays together. From the post:

This morning we donned our winter wear and hit the mountain for a few hours on skis with our children, ages four and seven. This is a typical day for our family.

Kids Craft Corner – Recycled Pencil Holder

It was so nice to get back to crafting with Stella and doing a kids craft corner evening.If your kids are like Stella then their room, desk, craft area is overflowing with pencils, pens, markers, and crayons. We are always looking for holders for all of them, so when I saw this in a magazine or on the web somewhere, I knew that we had to make a couple.

Parents Make Schools Green

When it comes to creating safe, toxic-free classrooms, parents are leading the way. They're regular moms and dads, whose concern for their children's future and well-being have pushed them to take extraordinary action:

Becoming A Good Food Role Model

When it comes to food, you, as a parent, are a powerful role model. Here are a few simple ideas to help you model healthy choices around shopping, cooking and eating:

Involve your kids when you shop for groceries