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Thank you for your interest in blogging on Thrifty & Green! We appreciate you joining our efforts to spread the word that -- Green Does not always have to Cost a Lot! We can use all the help we can get showing folks the different ways of going about a more frugal, healthful, environmentally conscious fulfilling life. Your blog or vlog will no doubt be of tremendous value in changing the lives of many. So lets get to it!

We allow our bloggers who have agreed to abide by our terms of service found in our Content Submission Guidelines, to host their blogs with us. Thus giving them access to a national and global green hub that is strong in several Green / Frugal Living vertical categories which are reflected in our menu categories. We also publish regular feature web content, and a digital magazine as well as feature giveaways and other common promotional campaigns. We of course want to provide our bloggers with every opportunity to publish professional web and magazine level content in and amongst our feature content if they choose, as well as a host of other benefits. There are a number of different possibilities that can be explored for regular content submissions check out Contribute to T&G for more information if that is more your style. Aside from the increased exposure and syndication opportunities bloggers are free to offer giveaways and run their own ads from approved partner ad networks. These are currently Google, Chitka and Vibrant Media. We also allow bloggers to work with Link Share and Commission Junction. Ad space is shared by you and the publication.

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