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Many of us try to stay local when it comes to our produce. But, why not stay local when it comes to our facial cleansing products? Let’s face it we are all on the hunt for the perfect glowing complexion, finding the right cleanser is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To have a clean and moisturized face has always been something I could only dream about. I’ve tried most of the name brand facial cleansers on the market along with medicated formula and still there was no change in my skin. I had nearly given up on my skin and never being able to attain the perfect balance natural oils vs. dry skin.
Natural Facial Cleansers
The thought of looking for a completely organic facial cleanser had never crossed my mind, I mean I had given up meat several years back neglected to think of how other daily regimes were still affecting my body. Cleansing my face with peroxides and toxins didn't didn't seem to bother me, as long as my face was somewhat clear I was happy. I thought that as long as I was eating healthy and as locally as possible I was already bettering my body. It seems I was mistaken and I have since learned a great deal about simple ways and locally made products that far outshine the toxic products often found in major stores.

We usually don’t think that our body can take in anything unless its going into our mouth, in fact our pores take in toxins in the air, from our makeup and especially from our facial cleansers. Therefore skipping the meat and opting for healthier options could be a perfect fit, But really we could be doing better. While your insides are thanking you for choosing less processes food your skin is still screaming for natural products. We often don’t think of all the harmful ingredients that are put into the everyday moisturizers at every big name store carries. Or, perhaps we have heard of them and neglect to look for something more natural.

The Price of Manufactured Collagen

We all want to look younger, but with many products that comes with a price. Collagen cream pretty much beckons your name in the local drug store because of the promise to give you younger and healthier looking skin, minus the wrinkles. And, the store bought collagen does fill in the crevices of your skin to creating seamless skin but not without after effects. Store bought collagen is make from derivatives of animal skin and only penetrates the first layer of skin, therefore once your beauty product is out your skin will go back to it’s natural self. Not to mention it creates a layer over your skin that doesn’t allow enough oxygen to penetrate your skin. The best way to help yourself look younger is to get your body producing more natural collagen by keeping your own body in the best shape possible.

Facts about Mineral Wear

Another mainstream beauty fad is the use of mineral makeup, many local drug stores are creating their own mineral makeup. It is true that certain minerals are great for our skin, but many companies on the market following the mineral makeup fad use bismuth oxychloride as their main ingredient. It is a manufactured ingredient made up of a by product of copper mixed with chloride and water. It helps create a shimmery appearance but is no better for the skin than any other product on the market.

Natural and Local is Better

The conclusion to my facial cleanser misfortune is to look locally. After brief research I found several local organic spas that created their own organic facial cleansers. They made these products by hand and unlike other facial cleansers these ones had a shelf life. Your next thought is probably the price, often natural facial cleansers seem more expensive when you first buy them but here is a simple trick to remind yourself you are getting a better bang for your buck and helping your skin.

The Thrifty Side of Natural Skincare

Natural skincare comes in a base formula and you have to add natural liquid to the product in the form of either essential oils or simply water. The product you buy will last you twice as long as a regular drug store bought facial cleanser in the same size. Everyday facial cleansers are half water based and therefore don’t need diluting while the natural product is pure plant, vegetable, fruit, etc. extract.

While staying local with your fruits and vegetables, stay local with your facial regime as well. It will not only pay off in your skin but your wallet as well. Many of us try to stay local when it comes to our produce, why not stay local when it comes to your facial cleansing products.

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