Review: Dulaney 3-in-1 Solar Robot Toy


Dulaney 3-in-1 Solar Powered Toy

My eldest and I recently spent a couple of quality big-kid afternoons building and playing with the Dulaney 3-in-1 Solar Robot. Brilliant fun! The Solar Panel

Great Memories

I have great memories of building models as a child and hope to create similar models and memories with my own three kids. This solar-powered robot was a perfect start. Not only do I love that it's solar-powered, but it can be assembled three ways, providing three afternoons of quality time for a great price!

Asher, whose six-years-old, was full of confidence pulling pieces and instructions from the box, but I admit that I was a bit nervous. This is no bionic - assembly requires a little concentration, a bit of patience and a mini-screwdriver. I wasn't completely confident that Asher had enough of the first two, and it took me a few minutes to find the later!

Clear Instructions

Building the Robot
I was delighted! The assembly was involved, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. We worked together, locating the correct pieces and snapping them into place. Bit by bit, the robot took shape and Asher's excitement grew as he saw his hard work pay off. Much required adult assistance, but I was grateful for the quiet quality time with Asher and even his three-year old sister was able to lend a hand locating pieces and sticking the stickers.

A Bit of Science

The best part was assembling the system of gears that would move the robot, and wiring them to the mini solar panel. It was great to see curiosity turn to understanding as the sequence of gears were laid into place and connected. We spent an extra few minutes turning one gear and observing its effect on the movement of the others, playing our way through a valuable science lesson! The solar panel remained a momentary mystery - its role understood only theoretically - but it wasn't long until construction was complete and we could observe it in action.

Play Play Play

Play Play Play Robot in hand, it was time to play! Outside in the bright sunlight our little friend's gears whirred into action and he plodded his way across the patio. Again. And again. And again. We played stop and go, throwing shadows over the little robot and then jumping away to launch it back into motion. The power, possibility and purpose of the solar panel, which had been elusive until then, was crystallized.

There is no better way to engage a child's interest and imagination than through play and the effects of our robot have been lasting. When friends visit, the kids are keen to show them how the robot uses the sun to move. When we use batteries for a household appliance, Asher wonders aloud if there is a better way. We answer, honestly, that there is and hope he will be a part of creating it!

Lasting Fun

Most importantly, the Dulaney 3-in-1 Solar Powered Toy is good, lasting fun. It's fun to assemble, fun to play with and then fun to assemble and play with again.

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