Green Spring Cleaning


A Greener, Cleaner Spring

It is that time again. Time to shake off those winter doldrums and get to some spring cleaning! Make this year’s spring cleaning a breeze by breaking up each room of your house into different tasks. Allow yourself one to two weeks to fully clean without feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and try to work in at least one power day over two or three weekends.

  • Number 1

    The Kitchen - Whatever you do, don't tackle the kitchen first! Spring cleaning your kitchen will be time consuming, so it needs to be approached with full confidence, a plan, and on a free day. So move it to the back of the list but when you need it here are my best tips.



    • Step 1: empty the trash. You will need an empty trashcan for all the expired food you will be discarding. I suggest tackling the kitchen right before trash day so that you do not have old food sitting in your garbage bins all week.
    • Step 2: you will need two large plastic containers or cardboard boxes. One box will be for food donations and the other box will be for item donations or for items that you wish to sell at your garage sale this summer.
    • Step 3: go through each cabinet and drawer one at a time, putting unneeded items in the garbage or donation/sell bin.
    • Step 4:When it comes to the pantry, group similar foods together. Discard cereal that has very little left or save it in a smaller bag.
    • Step 5: For appliances and dishes, get rid of anything that is taking up space that you do not use. Be real with yourself, if you have not used your juicer in the past year, you probably are not going to use it any time soon!
    • Step 6: If you wish to sell appliances or dishes, give them a quick rinse/wipe to increase their appearance value.
    • Step 7: After the cabinets have been sorted and organized, tackle the refrigerator. Discard all old, expired, and moldy food. Disinfect refrigerator shelves with a mixture of half water, half white vinegar, with the juice of one lemon. To clean up a wet or sticky spill with ease, sprinkle baking soda on it first so that it clumps the mess.
    • Step 8: On a separate day, tackle the freezer. Throw away all UFO (Unidentified Food Objects) and foods suffering from freezer burn. Keep your freezer looking nice by grouping together similar items. Finally, defrost your freezer if you have an older fridge, and in reality we hope there are few of you that do! Trade that thing in for something Energy Start Compliant!


  • Number 2

    The Bathrooms - Break it down one at a time. Cleaning more than one bathroom in a day can be a real downer. Mix in a few other tasks along with doing the bath and you will find a better balance.



    • Step 1: Throw out old make up and products. Typically, make up should be thrown out after six months of opening.
    • Step 2:Clean all make up brushes by letting them soak in a solution that is one part vinegar and 5 parts warm water. You can use a bit of a stronger solution to clean mirrors or non-acrylic windows.
    • Step 3:Get sinks to shine by polishing them with toothpaste. Simply spread toothpaste over the sink base and faucet and wipe off after a few minutes.
    • Step 4:Deep clean the bathtub and floors. A really great non-toxic cleaner can be just baking soda and lemon juice or a non-toxic, non-scratch cleanser like Bon Ami.


  • Number 3

    The Master Bedroom - Now its time to change out seasonal clothing and linens and really get into the corners of your room. You know which corners we mean.



    • Step 1: switch out seasonal wardrobe.
    • Step 2: donate wardrobe that is not used or liked keep receipts for tax time.
    • Step 3:Flip and rotate mattress if yours allows this.
    • Step 4:Change out light bulbs if any are out.
    • Step 5:Deep clean rugs by spot treating all stains. A vinegar and water solution rubbed into new and old pet stains will disappear.



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