Go Green with BudaStar's HicCup



Did you know that Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour?! The worst part is that most of them are just thrown away - and not recycled. Then, there are the styrofoam coffee cups: Americans throw away 25,000,000 of those every year! And paper cups are not recyclable period, because they are lined with polyethylene. Buda Star HicCupOne local company, Buda*Star makes portable products, the first of which is HicCup – a collapsible cup that goes everywhere with you. It’s a 16-ounce cup that holds both hot and cold beverages and can fold down to under 2 inches to go in your pocket or purse. Buda*Star and its founder Nova Lee were recently at the San Francisco Green Festival with their “Cup Goblin” in tow. The Cup Goblin is a life-like form made completely out of 365 discarded and non-recyclable cups. The costume represents over 20 pounds of trash created in a years time by a daily cup of coffee in a disposable paper cup.

How to Order

While the HicCup is still in production, they are currently taking pre-orders for shipments beginning in June, 2011. Our Newark California Manufacturing Facility has provided us a BPA-free and EA, estrogenic activity free material. Bisphenol-A is one of thousands of compounds in plastic found to mimic estrogen. HicCup is made with a state of the art estrogenic activity free polypropylene that is a recyclable number 5 plastic. Because Buda*Star made in the USA products are designed to last we offer a lifetime warranty on all HicCups. If your HicCup ever stops working from normal everyday use we will give a new one! Learn more about how not to be a cup goblin at www.budastar.com
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