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Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to Thrifty & Green. We are a company of bloggers, writers, media, and creative professionals that work under the T&G brand created by founder Chris McGrath. We are just a little over a year old, so young but making great strides.

We publish written and video content on our website and in our new digital magazine. Aside from producing our own original content for these outlets we offer Custom and Syndicated content services for other publications seeking Green and Frugal Lifestyle content such as and others. This coupled with acting as a non-exclusive agent bureau for our writers providing profiles on our website that feature other offerings the author / blogger may have such as speaking, books or videos for sale or other products and services they may offer. We also work to develop content for our You Tube channel, and may carry this effort forward into Television at some point in the future. We have a couple ways that you can work with us take a look at the options and see if any work for you.

Thrifty & Green Blogger Network

Our website has become a resource for all things Frugal and Green and we intend to build on that through the power of syndicated blogs from top bloggers. We aim to provide a service to users that can act as a niche expert and personal advice search engine for the Frugal and Green categories.

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Thrifty & Green Bloggers

If you have a blog you can feed in your most recent posts via RSS feed to a second home on T&G pages. There you will be promoted among our landing page content and be accessible by search each time a user seeks advice about your particular subject. You will also have access to publish content in our digital magazine at our Section Editor's discretion.

Blogger Compensation

We allow all editorially approved bloggers and guest contributors to post Google Text ads from their own account in the footer of all work. The work becomes a permanent part of our index. The ads will then earn revenue ongoing without the author doing anything more than promoting their work to the best of their ability. Traffic is tied to revenue so we all benefit the more folks who know about the resource. If you do not have your own blog and would like to just create your own on our pages it is completely free and you have the same ad revenue opportunity.

The project is truly a collective effort in an attempt to create a resource for users and portable income contributors, hopefully many of whom are one in the same.   The best way to start this process whether you have a blog or want to start one, is to visit the Start a Blog page.

Section Editors

If you really want to join the team and get involved with shaping T&G we have a number of section editor positions available. In this role you would be responsible for shaping the content of a section or sub-section on our website and a category routinely covered in our digital edition. We expect editors to contribute as much as they can carving out a regular contribution schedule that fits into life's other activities. The Section Editor acts as the section's spokes person, evangelist and more. It is a very serious commitment so before getting involved it takes an investment of time to learn our system and discipline to consistently monitor, edit and promote content you preside over. Learn more about being a Section Editor or Assistant Editor.

If your interested in developing or re-purposing something you have that you know we will love and want to get a better idea of what we are looking for from a work product standpoint please take a look at our Content Submission Guidelines.

If you have any further questions or have a new idea on how we could collaborate contact our editor Chris McGrath. Thank you once again for you interest in contributing to Thrifty & Green. We welcome your contribution, and are continually overwhelmed with excitement at some of the amazing people we have been fortunate enough to meet and work with through this publication.