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Bulk is Green: 4 Steps to Less Waste [Infographic]

April is just around the corner friends, and you know what that means? Earth month! This is a great opportunity to look around your home and find one area where you can green things up.

13 Easy Tips to Save Energy & Money

I’m always looking for simple ways to save energy and money. So I was excited to here that the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has a new way to simplify energy saving and make helping to protect the climate easy for all of us: “Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR.”

Veggie to Vegan: The Rise of the Vegan Lifestyle

More and more people – from Bill Clinton to Beyonce to your neighbor next door – are going vegan … and staying vegan. Many of you are probably wondering why so many “regular” people – not just health freaks and die-hard animal rights activists – are taking on such a seemingly extreme diet?

How Best to Avoid GE Food

You’ve heard me talk about genetically engineered (GE), or GMO, food here many times before. It still baffles me that the U.S. government doesn’t mandate GE labeling on food.