Quick Update: Stay Cool


Apologies for falling behind on the posts.  It's already 101°, and my brain tends to shut down once the temperature hits the 90s.  Hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated.  Read these sections of WebMD to learn the warning signs of dehydration and Heat Stroke, and more importantly how to avoid them.

Remember alcohol and caffeinated drinks can actually contribute to dehydration, so instead try ice water, juice pops, and watermelon to keep your insides cool.  Make your own popsicles by freezing fruit juice...you can even add bits of fruit or yogurt for a more sophisticate alternative to ice cream.

If you need to be outside, remember the sunscreen (particularly if you're pale like me) and make use of available shade.  Rest as needed...and again hydrate.

You can sweat even in the pool, so while swimming is a nice way to keep cool, remember to replenish those fluids.

If you have elderly relatives or neighbors, it's good to check on them when the temps get high like this.  I hear too many sad stories when it gets this hot.

Just a note on label reading...I decided 107° is a good excuse for ice cream, while checking out the selection, my cowriter pointed out that several things which looked like ice cream at first glance were labeled "Frozen Dairy Desert"...a little research implies this has to do with milk fat percentage...and less milk fat isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you may want to check the label to see what's replaced it.

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