Vegetable, Beef Soup

On Saturday of this past weekend – it was 72 degrees, sun shining and bright colors on the trees.  Sunday the sun was still shining, the temperature warm, but the breeze had started – which made it feel colder than it was.  Knowing that after sitting down along the banks of the Hudson River to watch Stella’s soccer game for over an hour – I would would want a dinner that was warming to the body and the soul.

Awhile back I made my first ever bone broth and then I put it in the freezer.  I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and just recently started adding some meat back into my diet – my body was asking for it – so I listened.  I think it has been harder psychologically to start eating meat than the actual meat on my plate.  I have made several soups, but have still resorted to vegetable broth.  I was feeling brave – so out of the freezer came the bone broth!  When I had taken my walk through the farmer’s market – I had soup in mind as I picked out produce for the week – I chose parsnips, green beans, onion, potatoes and knew I would add some type of grain and maybe some beans.

Vegetable, Beef Soup


Bone Broth
Onion, chopped
Garlic, minced
Parsnip, cut into small pieces
Green Beans, cut
Red & Purple potatoes, cut
Carrots, cut

1. Defrost the broth or start with fresh made.

2. Wash and cut vegetables.

3. Add the vegetables.

4. Add the grain – I used barley – but you could do wheat berry, cous cous, millet, quinoa.

5. Let simmer until all vegetables are soft.

6. Serve and enjoy. I added a piece of corn bread – great for dipping!

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