Are women greener?

This year, Gender Across Borders asked bloggers, writers, and humanitarian organizations to think about "Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures."

Here's my question: Are women unfairly burdened with the gargantuan task of saving the planet?

What I know about women:

  1. They donate much more to charity than men (65 per cent of David Suzuki Foundation donors are women)
  2. They manage an average of 80 cents of every dollar spent
  3. They like to share, mobilize, and lead

"I will be forwarding the green cleaning recipes to everyone I know." Donna of Calgary

"I'll post your green tips on my office door, make a 'green board' in my office and bring it up at our next staff Birthday Party! And share this info with my circles of friends." Stacey of Ottawa

What I know about many of you (my audience):

  • Often classified as Compassionate Caretakers (PDF file)--family-focused individuals who experience many demands on money and time
  • Environmentalism is not only about carbon footprint calculation, but ensuring there are healthy and safe places for families
  • Feel strongly about Social Connectedness (PDF file) and are actively involved in community as youth group leaders, faith group volunteers and on parent-teacher school committees
  • Women represent over 60 per cent of my Facebook audience and 90 per cent of my blog subscribers (over half are moms age 35-49)

Is it then an unfair burden that women are leading--or, dragging, depending on the day-- the "green" movement?

Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green