Simply Rurban

Egg And Cheese Breakfast Casserole

This week Stella had the first round of her State Testing (SOL) and she was very nervous about the tests to say the least.  An email went out the parents asking if they would bring in items so that all the kids would have a “good” breakfast before a day of testing.  I was not going to participate until I saw what the menu was – lots of fruit and then bagels, muffins,

Toilet Paper Seed Pots

This past weekend was glorious and truly gave me the itch to get my hands dirty and thoughts of gardening filled my head.  So glad I spent all day Saturday out in the sun, since Sunday the weather turned and we had snow and ice that continued into Monday.  My seeds have been sitting on my kitchen counter reminding me daily as I walked by them.  Each weekend I had good intentions

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent!

I am very sensitive to many ingredients in “traditional” laundry detergent and so is my daughter. I can go somewhere and if they use a detergent that I am sensitive to, usually by early in the day I have a rash where the sheets rubbed against my skin during the night. The same thing will happen with towels and clothes washed in detergents that I am sensitive to.

Mini Apple Crisps

Almost every night Stella and I say over and over again – I want something or my stomach is hungry.  Not that we had dessert every night before the challenge, but we did indulge a couple of times a week.  To have something sweet at the end of the day after a good meal is very satisfying.  Dessert is one thing both of us miss, even though I am the sweet tooth in the house &n