Tips On How We Can All Improve Our Human Condition

We as humans have endured the human condition for so long. As the world’s population grows exponentially there is more food insecurity and clean water issues. Pollution from manufacturing, unsustainable agricultural practices, and waste from our “disposable is better” mindset also add further stress to our planet. Meanwhile, many people work longer hours with longer commutes for less reward while other people work for little pay in harsh situations.

Consumer culture pushes us to want and buy more new stuff we really don’t need and doesn’t add to our happiness. The forces at work that cause all this may seem huge and inescapable — the World Transformation Movement has tried to address the cause of our human condition to bring peace to ourselves but there are some practical things we can do straight away to help maintain healthly, sustainable lifestyles. We can improve both for ourselves and others and in some ways we can make things better locally and globally:

*Grow Some Food

With the growing population and loss of arable land, food insecurity is on the rise. The quality of the food at the supermarket is harder than ever to guarantee. You can grow fresh vegetables and herbs in pots on your window ledge or patio, or in a garden. Gardening can improve your mood and fitness while producing fresh, vine-ripened food.

*Buy Fair Trade

Many of the foods and other goods we buy are produced by people working for very low wages in substandard conditions. You can enjoy your coffee, tea, chocolate and other consumer goods and know you are helping other people live a better life by shopping for Fair Trade goods.

*Buy Local

Another way to lessen the impact of consuming is to buy locally produced items. Check out farmer’s markets for local produce, cheese, bread, free range eggs, honey, grass fed meat and fresh caught fish. Arts and craft fairs are a great place to find handmade goods for presents. Locally owned restaurants and cafes can have interesting and varied menus. You’ll reduce the carbon footprint of your purchases and expand your local social circle, too.

*Walking, Biking & Public Transport

Every passenger vehicle with just a few people in it adds to the pollution and carbon load on our planet. Walking, biking and riding public transport helps cut down on local and worldwide pollution. Walking and biking also improve your personal fitness. Less driving means less road rage and more time to enjoy the scenery and get to know your community better.

*Volunteer & Contribute

Almost every community has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. You can participate in park clean ups, literacy programs, at the animal shelter, and more. You’ll meet people, feel more connected to your local community, and make your corner of the world a better place. If there are no local opportunities that fit with your schedule, you can sponsor a child in a third world country or contribute to a program that makes micro-loans to small businesspeople in developing nations.

Each small change supports the next. The more you do, the more you want to do and the more happy and engaged you’ll become. Your positive thoughts and activities and happiness spread out to others, and you improve not only your own human condition, but the human condition overall.

The new and inspired, more balanced and peace-seeking Mel has found much solace for her mind and body She enjoys discovering our world and finds herself reading and studying the myriad of ideas and reviews out there for us to learn from and build our knowledge base.

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