The Joyful Art of Food

We waste time in our minds on food and workouts in an unhealthy way! Thoughts that could be used  more wisely for  greater things. Here are ways to nourish yourself so you can make it work to build you on all levels. Taste is the sense associated with the svadisthanna chakra, the womb. It is our creative center, our pleasure center. Food engages us in pleasure, so make this an art.

Select good foods!

Engage in the process starting with the purchase. Small deli’s, farm stands and organic foods are chosen and purchased with more presence and pleasure. You connect with the store owners, the farmers and the idea that you are going to only feed yourself the best. Consider the colors, the textures, the shapes, the pleasure you will receive when eating them. All food offers goodness when consciousness is used. Even great desserts and treats have their place. It is about good feelings of feeding yourself, not denying yourself tastes and sensations. Moderation is the only rule.

Play in creativity as you prepare meals!

Use joy as you create whatever you will feast on. Even a fast meal can be prepared in a high state, knowing your are going to nourish. Here is a time to bring in some creativity and relaxation that is much needed. I do not have a big desire to cook myself. I do however understand the power of nourishment.  I get present, reminding myself how sacred and important this is. I must nourish myself before I can receive from others so I chose to enjoy it. I  bring in love and use creativity so that my thoughts, body and emotions are aligned and engaged.

Get in gratitude!

Nourishing with food is a sacred act. It is honorable that the lower kingdoms are offered up to feed us. Take note of this cycle and be thankful for all the things around you that provide goodness for your well being. It is a wonderful cycle so appreciate it. Gratitude is a high emotion and prepares your body for digestion.

Relax and generate good feelings!

As you take in food, you are also taking in mental and emotional vibes.  They too are becoming part of that food and your cells. All things you do are recorded emotionally, mentally and physically even if you are unaware. If you are in a fight, if you are watching news, these ideas go in with your food. If you consciously think of your goals, your dreams, your lovely ideas about life, these will go in as well. Here is an opportunity to eat consciously building yourself on all levels. Now your emotions, ideas, and plans are becoming part of your being. A practice called conscious eating.

Consider it Yoga! 

All acts can be made into a ritual of presence. Here is 3 times a day to really do what you are doing. Eat with pleasure, taste your food, savor the deliciousness, slowly eat so you engage the svadisthanna chakra.  Even makes sounds of pleasure, Mmmm. This way you can stay present to what you are doing. You are engaging your mind, your body, emotions and spirit to this ritual of nourishment. Building all of your being, aligned and aware, truly an art to be part of.

Bon Appetit!

Lyn Hicks is an organic flower grower in Bucks County Pa., and promotes green living locally, as cofounder of The Green Collaboration. She created The Lotus Project, experiential workshops on her farm to empower others through creativity and engagement with nature. Her site showcases the ways she brings conscious living to her community inviting others to come play and awaken their essential nature!