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Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Cat Litter

E – The Environmental Magazine

Dear EarthTalk: Which are the most eco-friendly and non-toxic (to people, cats and sanitation systems) cat litters? ­– Sam Barnes, Macon, GA

How Individuals, Companies & Governments are Conserving Water

Many people are concerned with conserving these days – they want to conserve their use of gasoline, they want to conserve their energy usage, and they want to conserve the amount of money coming out of their wallet on a daily basis. And these are all good things. But what about one of the most important resources out there: water?

Eco-fabulous Wedding

If you’re an environmentally conscious individual during your every day life, then your wedding day should be no exception! Green weddings are becoming increasingly popular with more vendors offering organic alternatives. By hosting an eco-fabulous affair, you will not only be decreasing your impact on the planet and minimizing waste, but you could save a pretty penny as well.

Adapting to Change

The seasons change and with them the availability of fresh, local produce. Crisp fall apples, tart cranberries, juicy summer strawberries, fresh figs — would they be so special if we could eat them all year round?