Delicious Knowledge by Marni Wasserman

Are you Plant Powered?

As the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle are gaining a great deal of recognition, people are becoming more informed and beginning to make conscious food choices. These types of people (and you may be one of them) are not only aware of their food choices, but also, they are mindful of other products that impact their body and health.

Summer Time & Water Infusions

Kristy Lapointe, one of our FNLers, tells us her secret to surviving the heat in Toronto this summer.I love summer. I love it. Although I've been in Canada for over ten years now, I'm still a little South African baby at heart. I just want to put on a sundress and grab some lemonade and head to the park.

Put up your feet once in a while!

Something we all need to hear, and we all need to do. I am certainly guilty of not taking enough time for myself, keeping busy and depriving my body of much needed down time. It’s one thing to do things that you love in your regular routine, but it’s another to actually physically get away from it all.

The Top 5 Benefits of Sprouting!

There are many nutritious foods but sprouts are one of the best things you can eat to improve your health. When you eat sprouted beans, nuts or seeds, you are eating food that is alive with living enzymes! These living foods are enzyme-rich and nourish every system and organ in your body. I love sprouting mung beans because they are super easy and taste great!