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Brush Your Body, Not Just Your Hair

Body brushing, also known as dry brushing, sounded like a really weird concept to me when I first heard of it. You mean exfoliate in the shower with a loofah, right? No, actually. Body brushing literally involves taking a body brush (or a dry loofah!) and gently brushing your dry body before you shower.

It sounded pretty creepy to me. Anyone else with me?

7 Ways to Chill Out & De-Stress

You guys, I hope you can forgive me. Waaaaay back in August of last year I published a guest post at Broccoli Cupcake on 7 Ways to Chill Out & De-Stress. And I never linked to it from here. My deepest apologies and condolences. Truly.

Easy Herbed Cucumber Salad

I don't know about you, but I have cucumbers coming out of my ears this year. Not only are they producing profusely in my garden, but every week they arrive in our CSA box as well. And trust me, I'm not complaining! I love slicing fresh cucumbers and dipping them in hummus or running them through the juicer with carrots, apples, lemon, and celery.

Shaboo Shaboo (aka Veggies & Quinoa in a Creamy Asian Sauce)

I have no idea where the name Shaboo Shaboo came from. A good friend shared this recipe with me years ago and even she doesn’t know who came up with the moniker. All I know is this is one of my and my husband’s absolute favorite go-to meals.

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