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Upcoming Singles Awareness Day

(So I can't commit to posting breaks....)

Great Article: Why I'm Not Married    

Valentines rears it's ugly head again in two days.  If you're in a good relationship now, I wish you a happy V-day.  Enjoy it.


In my pursuit to streamline my webpresence, I'm considering moving this blog to  I like the philosophy of the site, and they can help me set things up so I can earn a little ad revenue (part of me hates that, but I need it).  I love LJ, warts and all, it's been home for quite a while.  I'm trying to figure out the exact future of

Hm...that doesn't look right...

An article worth the reading: 5 Signs You're Getting Robbed at the Hospital

Haste Makes Waste

I spent several hours attempting to clean up the wreckage of a social faux pas on Facebook this week.  No need for details, but the main complaint was that I had jumped to (and shared) conclusions before taking time to get all the facts.  It wasn't work or book related, but it did illustrate to me how quickly these things spin out of control.