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Getting Creative with Leftovers...

I bought an avocado to make sushi, but sushi making the way I do it can take up to two hours (I tend to make big batches).  And I've been busy/lazy.  I noticed my avocado was starting to get soft in the fridge, so I went through my other leftovers to try to put together an on the fly recipe.

For the Thrift Store Doubters

I'm proud of my mom.  She is sticking to her diet and has lost quite a bit of weight.  While we're all happy to see her healthier, this means a lot of her wardrobe no longer fits.  She's still on the road to her ideal weight, so while she needs clothes for now, there's a good chance in another year or so they won't fit too well either.  After wa

Fun Decor/Gift Idea: Candy Sleds

Wish I could take credit for this, but no, just something clever and share worthy that crossed my path.  My sister's friend had a limited Christmas budget this year, so she gifted us with these cute little goodies.  This looks to be a fairly simple project even if you're not crafty.  The candy is held together with clear tape and ribbons.

$1 Meal Plan: Breakfast

I read a fantastic book this last week.  Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese.  It's the often hilarious account of a lady who lost her job and tried to tackle the question of what's truly best to do by scratch for the modern suburbian.  It boasts about 120 from scratch recipes, some truly fascinating food trivia and info, rates each effort by hass