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5 Beet Juice Recipes You Can Make at Home

There are 3 types of fresh juice that serious juice enthusiasts hold in high esteem, these are leafy green juices, wheatgrass juice and beet juice. Beet juice is considered to have especially potent detoxification abilities because of its rich content of antioxidants and other nutrients that support the detoxification process. In fact, its detoxification abilities should not be underestimated.

Is Fresh Fruit Juice Bad for You?

Ok deep breath! There are several facets to this. The answer to the question “is fresh fruit juice bad for you?” is not a yes or no answer. If I was asked if processed fruit juice you buy at the store is bad for you? I would be bold enough to say yes – in most cases it is just flavored sugar water. But, fresh fruit juice – it’s a different story…

How Long Can I Store Fresh-made Juice?

If you have searched the net to find out if you can store fresh juice, then you may have bumped into a few people claiming you must drink the juice right away or otherwise you lose all the nutrition and benefits. This isn’t exactly true. The truth is that drinking the juice as fresh as possible is always best, but storing your juice properly is still an effective way of gaining the benefits of juice, especially if it otherwise means no juice. However, as with all stored foods, there is a time limit.

How to do a Lemon Juice Cleanse?

Are you interested in following the lemon juice detox plan, also known as the master cleanse? If so, follow the instructions below to guide you through this popular detox plan that has helped many people flush toxins from their bodies.

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