Jacob Barry

Greening: How We Deal With Car Trash

Not many people pay much attention to their car and how trash builds up in it until it’s too late. That’s why whether it’s receipts, crumbs, or the occasional plastic bottle under the seat unless you’re someone incredibly meticulous about car cleanliness chances are it gets cluttered in a variety of ways over the course of each week.

Tips for Greening the Kitchen

Kitchens are generally the center of most households because that’s where everyone gets their nourishment from. At the same time they produce a lot of waste from packaging, food, and utilities, -something that gradually increases the more people involved.

Between Cleaning & Remodeling

Did you ever walk through your home and think if the money was there to tear the place apart you’d do a complete remodeling job room by room? While money helps it shouldn’t be the only catalyst.

Preventing Household Pests

One of the few things many of us detest about summer months are pests. Though they may not always emerge when we’re around they often leave behind some evidence of they have been there.