Thrifty Decorating Tips for your Home

When it comes to home decorating tips, many of us tend to keep things fairly simple, either because we do not know how to properly go about decorating, or because we are afraid of the effort and expense of interior home improvements. However, with some careful thought and a bit of advice, you may find that home decorating can actually be simple, enjoyable, and effective – it’s all about finding the right way to apply your personal touch! Here are some home decorating tips that may help get you started on thinking about various rooms in your home.

In your kitchen and living spaces, install glass cabinets as shown above, instead of wooden ones. Not only is this considered stylish in and of itself, but it allows you to turn cabinet space into a display space where you can neatly arrange your glassware, etc. This can make your kitchen look simultaneously more chic and more organized.

  • In living spaces, do not allow any corners to remain empty. In many cases, homes that come across as imperfectly decorated are simply a bit empty. You may arrange a room in a perfectly logical way, with nice furniture, a strategically placed TV, etc. However, an empty corner can make the room seem strange all the same. Consider solving this problem with a unique potted plant, or a plush rug.


Chair in Corner

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  • Do not allow your bookshelves to remain empty either. Whether in your home’s library, living room, foyer, etc., bookshelves can easily blend into rooms a very satisfying way, so long as they are full. However, an empty bookshelf simply draws attention to itself and puts a negative mark on the room. If you don’t have enough books, use other things – picture frames, small plants, book stops, even randomly assorted artistic trinkets!


Bedroom Shelf

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  • For your bedrooms, try to match all aspects of the room. Many times, people get easily excited by this or that bed frame, and these or those drapes, without carefully considering the whole room. Try to, at least within reasonable extents, match your bed frame to your room’s furniture, and your comforter and sheets to your drapes, etc.
  • In your dining area, never leave the table bare. This again touches on the common idea that barren space invites attention, and does not look remarkable once people are looking at it. If you want your dining room to appear particularly elegant, keep the table set with clean silver and glassware. Or, if you would rather keep such things off the table, be sure to at least leave a centerpiece, and/or some candlesticks present, so as not to leave the table completely barren.

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Header Image Source: via Homemaker on Pinterest