Yoga Is Beneficial For Children Too!

Yoga is perfectly safe for children.  Yoga can greatly help kids to develop not only their physical fitness, but also their education and self-empowerment. Physical activities in general are necessary for children to develop a sense of self, but yoga goes beyond this into development of the soul.

The most important benefit of yoga for kids is healthy development. Yoga uses so many different muscles in its movements. While you and/ or your kids are performing a yoga posture you aren’t just standing in that pose, you are working on breathing exercises and meditations.

Source: via Gabriela

Children have been doing martial arts for years but now we are seeing a growth in the movement of children’s yoga. It is similar in the sense of discipline but yoga may be a better choice for your little introvert… or excellent to relax your extrovert! Yoga is gentler, peaceful, powerful!  For any age, focusing on your breathing brings a great sense of relaxation.  The most powerful things your child will gain from yoga are appreciation and discipline.

Yoga can also be used for children with autism and ADD/ADHD. There are special yoga programs for children with these learning disabilities and it is a more hands-on approach. It is said to be extremely therapeutic.  In this therapeutic type of yoga, Hatha yoga is used. This is a more holistic approach with plenty of meditation and calming of the senses. Also used to help with disabilities are eye exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques accompanied with soothing music and sound therapy.  Therapeutic yoga is said to increase motor, cognitive and communication skills in kids with disabilities.  This helps to reduce the hyperactivity of ADD/ADHD. Your child will experience more balanced emotions because they will gain self-control.

Guest post provided by Emma’s Children.  Emma’s Mission is to ensure each and every child is given the necessary key fundamentals in order to grow and blossom into respectful, successful and happy individuals.