Spring Home Decorating Trends

It is that time of year again, time to pack away all your winter decorations and liven up your living spaces with spring decor. In my many years of doing interior design and remodeling work in New York City, I have seen many spring decorating trends that are used year after year. One of my favorite spring decorating trends is to take inspiration from nature and bring it indoors.  There are many ways that you can bring the outdoors inside.

Floral Home Decorating

One simple idea is to always make sure that you have a fresh bouquet of flowers to display as your centerpiece on your dining room table. You can also swap out your throw pillows with fun springtime pattern throw pillows. Floral prints are also very popular in the springtime. I personally think it is easier to switch out throw pillows and/or artwork than it is to switch out furniture. This is easily done if you make sure to purchase a neutral-colored sofa when you are furniture shopping. It is also a good idea to switch out your curtains with beautiful floral prints to help liven up your room.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

I have done a lot of work in New York City apartments, and one thing that all New York City apartment owners have in common is that they need to make the most out of their living space.  The easiest way to do this is to only buy pieces of furniture that have more than one purpose.  For instance, sleeper sofas are very popular in New York City apartments, and trust me, there are some very comfortable sleeper sofas out there. Coffee tables with storage is another great piece of multi-purpose furniture. The other key to decorating small spaces, such as apartments, is to not over decorate them. It is also important to have splashes of color throughout the room to make the room look lively.

Tangerine Is A Hot Color For The Spring

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Speaking of color, one of the top spring decorating trends for 2012 is the color tangerine. The tangerine color can be seen in every high-end furniture store in the country. Many designers are pairing tangerine with earth tones for a subtle effect. People that are looking to make a bolder statement can pair tangerine with other bright colors such as turquoise, lime green, and even purple. By pairing tangerine with one of these other bright colors, you are sure to be in a good mood any time you enter your home.

Mix and Match

Another very popular trend this year is to mix and match different textures and styles. The combination of different materials makes a room feel much cozier. It is important that when you are choosing different items to mix and match, you stay in a consistent color scheme. You should choose three colors that appear in every item that you use.

Now that you know all about the latest spring decorating trends, it is time to get out there and spruce up your own home. Whether you live in a four-bedroom house or a loft apartment in New York City, you can make these spring decorating trends work for you!

Guest post by Sam Marquit.  He’s an active member of the interior design/home improvement blogosphere, and shares his experiences, thoughts and plans with folks in similar industries. With years of experience in general contracting, Sam is the chief writer for http://fmarquitv.tumblr.com

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