Easy DIY Summer Table Centerpiece

It takes just a few items you already have on hand to make a “natural” centerpiece without any fuss, bother or cost. Bring nature indoors with this simple project that can help inexpensively decorate for a party or just provide natural beauty in your home.

What you need

Assorted stones

Glass bowl


Small flowers or leaves

How to

  1. Lay the rocks along the center of the table, meandering like a river bed. Make it as wide or narrow as you like depending on the width of your table.
  2. Fill bowl partially with water and float flowers or leaves, then place bowl at one end of rocks with a few surrounding it.

You also could add some beeswax votives in the center or even float one in the bowl. If you own a small fountain, you might want to use it in place of the bowl and if you happen to have some shells on hand, add them in, along with anything else you think will add to the scene.

That’s it!

Couldn’t be easier.

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