Celebrate Green

Great Green Gift Buying Tips

It's a fact of life, most Americans wallets (and credit card limits), are slimmer this year. But that doesn't mean we should give up our eco-conscious ways. Why would we when there are so many opportunities to save green while celebrating green?


Putting the Meaning in the Greening this Thanksgiving

Making every celebration more about people and less about things is a key to celebrating green. When we focus on relationships, we tend to spend less, eat less, have less left over and end up putting less into landfills. This Thanksgiving, take a look at your rituals and seek out ways to enhance their meaning:

Buy Local for a No-Guilt Thanksgiving

Depending on where you live, this time of year it can be a real challenge to buy locally grown or raised food. But it’s important, especially as we approach our most foodcentric holidays.

Think Outside the Conventional Candy Box

Halloween is supposed to be nothing but fun for kids. Yet there are some scary statistics out there right now about our children. For one, this is the first generation of American children whose life expectancy is now shorter than their parents. Iif the current trend continues, one in every three children will develop diabetes in her lifetime.