Budgeting with the Bushman Family

Homemade butter

We Bushmans haven't bought cow's milk for quite some time. However, since moving rurally, we discovered a local dairy that sells raw, organic milk for $2.50 a gallon. Since we're not big milk drinkers, at first I didn't think too much of this.


Because we have a lack of fresh organic fruits and veggies in the winter, I decided to give sprouting a try.

Life changes that have saved us money and even made us happier

I've wanted to write this post for a while, but talking about life changes feels so . . .well, big. In some ways I think our budgeting success has been about making little changes slowly over time. However, I can't deny that we have also made some big life changes over the past five or so years.

Mix your own paint!

Lately I've been even more inspired to make do or do without.