Bentlily Parenting Prose

The difference between me and you

Today you insisted
on changing your outfit
before your nap

black jogging pants
and a dress shirt
that you covered in purple streaks
from picking salmon berries
that not even the raccoons will touch
this time of year

A memoir of “no”


A Memoir of No

He uses his whole body
to say no
like they teach
in dance class


but it’s not what you think
boneless tantrums
unspooling in the grocery store
or inexorable refusals to eat peas

Bowing at the altar of the strawberry

He held the strawberry in his hand today
for more than two hours
not eating it
just cradling it

In India they say
that a guru is anyone
who shows you the truth.

The unveiling of so much sound

I’d been told that having a child
would ignite my eyes

pack wonder back into the humdrum of a spoon
the seductive arch of its spine
the tiny rope of beads around the handle
the way your face is upside down and potato-like
when you look into its shallow metal bowl

but I didn’t expect the unveiling
of so much sound