10 New Meals for Your Weekly Repertoire

We aren’t afraid of making a bold statement every once in a while. Today is that day. We’ve scoured our favourite food blogs, cookbooks and our own personally beloved recipes to bring you a round-up 10 of the best meals we think everyone could—and should—include in their usual repertoire for a fresh, delicious change-up! They are ranked in no particular order.

You Inspire Change

"I'd love to do more, I just don't know where to start!" It's a common sentiment and a fundamental challenge in achieving a more sustainable reality.

Luckily, inspiration abounds. I'm talking about you!

Healthy Broccoli and Rice Casserole

One of my favorite dinners growing up was my mother’s broccoli and rice casserole. As I grew up however and started doing my own cooking, I was not so keen on the ingredients she used, mainly white rice and (gasp!) a can of cream of mushroom soup. Surely, I could do better!

Kale for Your Good Health

Three varieties of kale in my garden. I think my ancestors didn't come from the part of the world where kale was grown. It's not a plant that I have been genetically attracted to and it has taken me decades to actually like this plant. But like any kind of conversion, once it happens, you dive head first into it.