How to Tell if an Egg is Still Good

Eggs have always been a staple in our refrigerator, and getting through them before the question  came up ”Are they still good?” was never an issue. Until now. With our new, mostly vegan diet, those dozen eggs I pick up occasionally for SoulDaddy are sitting in the fridge longer and longer.

Tips To Get Fit, At Home!

Let me guess— you could be reading this because you looked in the mirror this morning and thought, “I’ve got so much more that I want to accomplish!”

You’re deciding that you want to get in better shape. But the question is, how? And more importantly, where?

Picnic For Earth

As many of you may know, Earth day will soon be here on April 22.  This year, the Nature Conservancy is celebrating Earth Month with Picnic for Earth and encourages everyone to join in!

What is Picnic for Earth?

The “ONE” protein bar I like!

I must admit, I do LOVE Vega products – it’s that simple! And when I heard about Vega’s new Vega One Bars I was keen to try their new creation! Of course I am a fan of making my own homemade protein bars or energy whenever I can.