Eating A to Z Healthy Recipe Challenge and Blog Hop-New for 2014!

Welcome to the 2014 Eating A to Z Healthy Recipe Challenge (formerly the Eating the Alphabet Challenge)! This will be the third year that I’m hosting this monthly recipe round up from other bloggers. On the 15th of each month, we share and collect new recipe ideas that start with a different letter each month.

5 Top Tips from a Personal Trainer

If you read about my goals for the new year, you know SoulDaddy and I scored a great BOGO offer for a gym. The good news is I was able to get back into a pool to lap swim as well as work up a sweat in my first spin class in a few years.

How to Throw a Green Birthday Party

Decorate with a timeless, handmade Birthday banner! (Credit: Green Planet Parties)

Throwing my first zero-waste kid birthday party felt like a Choose Your Own Adventure book with one path always leading to the entrance of "You name it" dollar store.

Walnut-Pecan Balls – and Reminiscing

My very first recipe for a vegan meatball was in The Everyday Vegan. That recipe isn’t a traditional meatball, more of an asian-fusion with flavors of hoisin, miso, cilantro and paired with a sweet and sour sauce.